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of Enterprises will have plans to address Cybersecurity business disruption attacks by 2018


of organisations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before they experience a significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact


of organisations still lacked a business continuity plan


Whether you are a small organisation or a medium-to large business, our team of highly qualified Solution Architects and Engineers will be able to recommend the right IT solutions and services to fit your business needs.

With a London and Birmingham presence we are perfectly placed to support businesses in the Capital and surrounding Boroughs as well as East, West and Central Midlands.

Whether you are seeking help with your IT infrastructure, corporate WI-FI, data backup, disaster recovery, telecommunications, IT enablement, IT security or enterprise mobility at Bizserv we can Help!

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OTK Shopfitters

After review of existing Business processes and IT setup it was clear that modernisation and mobility were fundamentally lacking. Such requirements were key to remain competitive.

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Our first action was to conduct a site audit, identifying and defining end points, assets connected, and IP ranges. This was then provided to UWT as an initial product subject to further consultation.

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Bizserv IT were able to understand our current and future needs, solutions implemented were affordable and scalable – Adam, EnsureCover

Bizserv provided technical resource that were very knowledgeable and skilled, our Network re-design and uplift immediately resolved outages and lag issues affecting us and improved employee productivity – M. Athar, UWT

Bizserv IT implemented network security allowing us to continue servicing and ensure all client and internal date was secure – A. Salimath, Lewis & Co.

Bizserv allowed us to retain our competitive advantage by creating a web presence as well as allowing file newly designed and implemented file share and corporate email collaboration and mobility – Shazad, OTK Shopfitters



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