How does Bizserv IT delivery solutions to customers ?

From the get-go Bizserv IT will assign to you an Account Manager who will support you from initial contact until the end of delivery. After requirement’s capture, design and solution sign-off,  a dedicated Project manager will delivery and implement your solution, the Project Manager will ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

All solutions we offer are designed to be fit for purpose, future proof, provide the best investment value to you and to make use of latest Hardware and Software.

What type of after sales and Support arrangements are offered for customers?

We offer our customers Early Life Support as well as tailored Support Arrangement’s backed up with agreed SLA’s .

What is an IT Managed Service?

An IT Managed service is an agreement between a customer and a Service Provider to take full ownership of customers IT requirements, both current and future. This is backed up by an agreement detailing the extent of the support and limitation’s. It could also incorporate features including Proactive monitoring of your Network and data, ongoing consultation, support managed through a help desk and support tickets associated with SLA’s.

Such arrangements allow customers to focus on their core business and not have to worry about IT requirements.

Which services can an organisation outsource to Bizserv ?

IT Modernisation – this includes services to fully uplift your IT Data network or to install networking devices to enhance the speed and performance of your network. It can also include implementing a Wi-Fi solution.

Office Moves – Bizserv can plan, manage and arrange for office relocation or expansion. Our solution offering include work place planning, audit of current and to-be locations, optimising IT including use of Printers and Scanners based on number of employees in location and finally ensuring all aspects of Electrical configuration and IT Networking are catered for.

DR and Business Continuity Planning – Bizserv design, test and implement DR plans which are in line with your business model and reflect local challenges faced. Business Continuity Plan will cover all requirements for data backup as well as local or off site failover in an event of an emergency.

Cyber Security – Bizserv can perform an audit of your network and current IT Security arrangements and provide a report detailing its performance but also identifying any vulnerabilities and area for improvement. Similarly based on requirements we can design, implement and test a tailored solution which will meet your current and future requirements.

What are the Benefits of using Bizserv’s IT Services?

Peace of mind – Knowing that your IT requirements are handled by an established and capable IT company means you can focus on what you do best, deliver your core services, focus on your customers and grow in a stable and secure manner.

Cost Reduction – By consolidating servers, opting for a Virtualised solution and enhancing your IT Network organisations can gain substantial cost savings.

Security – Bizserv can design and implement Secure and Robust solutions which can safeguard your Intellectual Property, client and corporate data, as well prevent against Denial of Service Attacks and hacking.