What is a Cyber Attack

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Cyber Attacks are now a part of daily life. With increased coverage in the press, this article will explain what a Cyber Attack is, its impact, who is usually behind such an attack and what steps can be taken to prevent them.

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Benefits of guest Wi-Fi setup for businesses

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With the rise in numbers of mobile workers and ‘truly’ agile working methods, an increasing number of businesses and organisations are investing in the setup of guest Wi-Fi environments at their premises. With the primary focus on IT as an enabler, allowing visiting guests to effortlessly and securely connect to the internet the secondary and […]

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How to Secure and Protect Your Business WiFi Network

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Can you believe that it hasn’t even been a couple of decades since the beginning of the internet, and this innovative technology is now a part of our everyday lives. However, these days, it isn’t just about helping people gain access to the internet, it’s giving them access in the most user-friendly manner. People will […]

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How Malware Could Affect Your Business

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Malware has the ability to affect the fundamental operations of your business’s website. Not only that but it can acquire detailed information about your business, staff and its customers, and any items and services. This information can be used for harmful and/or criminal purposes. There are programming codes or scripts that are used to create […]

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Should your business outsource IT?

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Should your business outsource IT? More and more businesses are choosing to outsource their IT services. Smaller companies in particular are leading the way and benefitting from this trend. Outsourcing is signing a contract with another company allowing them to do an agreed function. It varies upon the industry which type of outsourcing is used […]

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How to reduce the risk of common WiFi security threats

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How to reduce the risk of common WiFi security threats If you work in an office then you are likely to be using WiFi every day. It has become an integral part of modern society, offering us a way to connect and share instantly and with ease. Whether you're connecting in an office or at home, to [...]

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