Enterprise Mobility


Enterprise and employee mobility is essential to allow organisations and businesses to operate within the dynamic environment we live in today.

More and more employees are now requiring to work from home full or part time, furthermore organisations are now dependant on remote office and employees working from a non-office site.

Mobility allows for:

  • Access to corporate networks
  • Access to Email
  • Uploading and retrieving files
  • Team working
  • Maintaining of security

Enterprise mobility can improve employee productivity by allowing them access to work files, emails, data and software tools from any location.

Furthermore organisations can benefit from using both near-shore and off-shore teams all connected to one corporate network. These teams can collaborate to provide a global solution whilst still being geographically separated.

Organisations can further save on travel cost and office space cost by enabling employees to work remotely whilst still having access to all the collaboration sites, tools (e.g. SAP, MS Project) and email.

Another trend is to leverage workforce from various time zones (follow the sun) to support customer base 24/7. These employees through mobility can access corporate systems (e.g. REMEDY) to collectively support customers and deliver solutions regardless of the time zone and location.

Enabling Mobility enables productivity. Users now require access to MI, email, CRM and other remote users via Laptops, tablets and Mobile phones. All organisations need a solution in place that can allow such access without jeopardising corporate interests and security.

Affordable and robust Mobility solutions to enable workforce Mobility whilst actively reducing security risks.

We deploy Enterprise mobility solutions as well as Mobility Management which allow for remote working, accessing corporate networks and software tools. We also create and implement ‘Acceptable Use Policy’s’ which serve to protect both corporate and employee interests by outlining your required access policy’s, restrictions and limitations.

Our solutions also include user training and documentation.

We work closely with organisations to understand their requirements both current and future, their aspirations and industry specific requirement’s to create and implement a Mobility Strategy that is scalable as well as resilient.

We offer full control and security for your tailored Mobility Solution. Our affordable solutions provide your users with a remote log on solution that is both a pleasant experience as well as a robust access solution that can be used day in day out.

We enable:

  • Remote working
  • VPN
  • Meeting conferencing
  • Inter office Connectivity
  • Team collaboration
  • Solutions for Multi-site connections
  • Access to repository’s
  • Access to Intranet
  • Corporate Email

Information coming shortly.